5 Reasons to Teach in Indonesia

1. Cheaper Prices

If you decide to come to Indonesia, expect to spend far less and receive way more in return. The cost of living is dramatically lower than in most countries, allowing you to save money and still live in the manner to which you are accustomed. Expect to save more on entertainment, housing, food, books and even gifts for friends and family back home. Many people choose to stay in Indonesia temporarily to pay off loans or build up their savings, and some even decide to stay permanently in this beautiful, vibrant country! These are all very good reasons to choose Indonesia.

2. Friendly People

The people of Indonesia are extremely friendly to visitors of all ages, often even going above and beyond to make guests feel completely welcome in their peaceful country. In a place seeming to burst with a myriad of different cultures and religions, it is apparent that the residents of Indonesia welcome diversity, often expressing their curiosity in travelers with kind gestures like offering directions, giving restaurant recommendations and jotting down a list of good places to shop. In short, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more easy-going, extroverted population anywhere, a reason in itself to choose Indonesia.

3. Tasty Dishes

Foodies will soon find that, even after just one meal in Indonesia, they have assuredly landed in the right place. Offering up hearty portions of Asian-inspired food with just the right mix of seasoning, visitors will discover that dishes in Indonesia are not only far less than their counterparts in other locales, but they are even more delicious! Nasi goreng is considered to be the national dish of the area, boasting aromatic rice with sweet sauce and pickled carrots and cucumbers. A variety of meats may also be added to further enhance this special meal.

4. Safer Living

When you choose Indonesia, you will quickly find that the islands are extremely safe, with very low levels of crime across the board. While this is somewhat reassuring in itself, the area is especially proud of its stand against violent crimes. Muggings and attacks of any kind can be very rare in certain areas, making it very safe to walk or ride a bike to the market, as well as explore the wonderful attractions and beautiful natural offerings, with little to no fear of having your camera stolen or your backpack taken.

5. Enthralling Culture

Indonesia is situated right along historic trading routes, ensuring that a steady flux of people from all sorts of religions and cultures choose to call Indonesia “home”. Visitors will find themselves surrounded by the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam… all melting together to create a culture blessed with diversity and tolerance.

About the Author

Angela has travelled the globe, storing away memorable experiences and fun-filled facts to share with others. To read more about the fascinating locale that she has visited, check out her blog Destination Diaries.

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