5 Reasons to Pack for Japan… Right Away

5 Reasons to Pack for Japan Right Away

1. Its Remarkable Safety

The lack of crime in Japan should definitely be among the top reasons to wander its winding alleys and explore its street markets, busy shopping centers, and beguiling architectural landmarks. With one of the lowest crime rates in the world, visitors find that it is far easier to get their bearings in Japan, where there is less concern for safety.

2. Its Tasty Food

Japanese food is typically paired with the staple of rice, mixed ever so deliciously with seasonal, fresh ingredients. Fish is immensely popular, either grilled or served raw in sushi. Crisp vegetables are also included in most meals, and richly flavoured soups are abundant. While Japanese food continues to rise in demand in other regions of the world, there is nothing quite like the authentic Japanese dining experience.

3. Its Alluring Culture

Dating back thousands of years, the Japanese culture is rooted in tradition. Yet it still manages to remain fluid, rising to the occasion with technological advances and ground-breaking improvements. With such a marvellous marriage between the old and the new, visitors to Japan may witness the dance of a Geisha on one evening and a modern acrobatic troupe the next.

4. Its Breathtaking Nature

The wondrous natural landscape of Japan is ripe with art-inspiring wonders, ranging from rippling mountain streams to active volcanoes. Known for its cherry trees with lush, aromatic blossoms and its misty, green forests, Japan offers a plethora of natural scenes to encourage exploration, along with welcoming hot springs to soothe both mind and body.

5. Transportation

The Japanese public transportation system is a modern marvel, offering efficiency and punctuality to visitors and local inhabitants alike. Trains whisk riders from one destination to the next, offering plenty of stops and economical ticketing options. In Shinkansen, bullet trains reaching speeds of 320 kilometres per hour offer ultra-fast routes to and between cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagano, Yokohama, Tokaido, Joetsu and Kyushu.

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Teach English in Japan
Teach English in Japan
Teach English in Japan
Teach English in Japan
Teach English in Japan