Top 4 Teaching Destinations

Top 4 Teaching Destinations

Are you planning on finally taking that leap and teaching English abroad in 2017?

Whether you decide to do your TEFL or CELTA, you will be spoilt for choice with teaching destinations around the world. So much so that the choice can be a bit overwhelming.

Whether you are looking for cultural immersion, a city with delicious Instagrammable food or plenty of outdoor activities, we found four of the best destinations to teach in 2017.

teaching destinations - Taiwan

1. Taiwan

Situated off the south-east coast of China, Taiwan is a jewel of modern Asia. It is the perfect blend of cutting edge technology, ancient oriental culture and exotic natural beauty.

With the majority of TEFL positions based in cities like Taipei and countless outdoor activities, Taiwan is the ultimate teaching destination for nature geeks who do not want to give up their big city perks.

It is because of this eclectic mix of old meets new that Taiwan has become a TEFL hotspot. With the country’s economy booming thanks to the success of its tech industry, English has become a sought-after language to do business.

Taiwan boasts high wages and a low cost of living which makes it the perfect place for English teachers looking to save as much of their salary as possible. If you are frugal with your wages, you can expect to save $500 a month after expenses.

teaching destinations - China

2. China

Prepare to have your mind blown. It is estimated that more than 100,00 foreigners teach English in China each year. With 300 million Chinese learning English the world’s biggest nation also boasts the largest job market for ESL teachers.

Combined with excellent compensation packages that include accommodation and airfare, it is no wonder that China is one of the most popular destinations to teach English abroad.

If you are looking to experience a place that is a complete one-eighty from your home country – China is for you. From its impressive 5,000-year-old history to its diverse culture and the ease of domestic travel, China has it all and then some.

teaching destinations - Japan

3. Japan

Do you have a passion for fashion, anime and video gaming? Teaching in Japan could be the perfect destination for you in 2017!

In between all the Harajuku fashion and sushi, teachers in Japan will find a rewarding cultural experience nestled between the snowy mountains of Hokkaido and the tropical island of Okinawa.

After China, Japan has one of the largest job markets for ESL teachers in the world. It offers high salaries, paid vacations and health benefits. One of the downsides of teaching here is its high costs of living, but if you are careful with your spending, it is possible to save a healthy chunk of your salary.

With its capital city, Tokyo consistently voted as one the safest cities in the world; Japan is an excellent choice if it is your first time living abroad and you are worried about safety.

teaching destinations - Italy

4. Italy

Beautiful countrysides, mouthwatering food and an incredible history all add up to make Italy one of the top cultural  ESL destinations in Europe.

Whether you are drawn to the romance of Tuscany, the high fashion of Milan or the ancient history of Pompeii, the demand for English teachers is high.

With Italy being an in-demand destination for ESL teachers, you will face more competition in securing a position here than other countries. However, if you have your heart set on people-watching in the local piazza while sipping on an espresso, the best way to guarantee yourself a position is to go through organisations like Saxoncourt who have contracts with schools and private tutoring businesses.

When deciding where to teach abroad, it is important to keep your interests in mind and what perks would make you happy.