Senior Backend Engineer Web Dev

Senior Backend Engineer / Web Developer

(based in Taiwan)

You will be responsible for:

  1. Design a large-scale, fault-tolerant cloud service infrastructure.
  2. Analyze and improve the performance, scalability, and stability of each subsystem.
  3. New functions are often launched to promote rapid iteration and continuous expansion of the system.


  • Proficient in large-scale distributed system RESTful & WebSocket application services.
  • Proficient in Node.JS & Express Web Framework.
  • Proficient in
  • Proficient in Mysql.
  • Familiar with Unit Test & Node.JS test framework, (ex: Mocha, Jest…).
  • Familiar with AWS Cloud Infrastructure application deployment.
  • Familiar with CI/CD.
  • Familiar with version development tool GIT.
  • Familiar with Container technology (ex: docker).

Other requirements

  • Graduate of any related course.
  • Eligible to work in Taiwan.

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