International Primary School Teacher in Nanjing

International Primary School Teacher in Nanjing, China

Job Description

  • Teach English Math, English Language Arts, and Science.
  • Students are 3-12 years old, 8-15 students per class.
  • Develop and prepare lesson plans, deliver classes in different ways such as project based learning, activities, and play.
  • Maximum 24 teaching hours per week.

Salary and Benefits

  • Monthly salary 15,000-18,000 RMB after tax (2,315-2,785 USD).
  • Free campus accommodation, Commissary card for lunch, snacks, and daily need items (800 RMB per month).
  • All official holidays paid and 10 paid sick leave days, paid winter holiday (usually 3-4 weeks).
  • Accident Insurance.
  • 10-month contract.
  • Visa and Foreign Expert Certificate provided.
  • 5,000 RMB air ticket reimbursement.

Requirements for International Primary School Teacher in Nanjing

  • Native English speaker.
  • Bachelor degree.
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/DELTA certificate or 2 years teaching experience.

Why Teachers Love Nanjing

Nanjing is as friendly and safe a place as one can find in China, and one of the better places to live in the country as it balances a high standard of life while not being overly expensive.

The city of 8 million people has a brilliant history, good nightlife, and food of all cuisines to keep your palate busy. Sightseeing spots include the city wall, hotspots like 1912 for nightlife, and Purple Mountain for natural beauty. As a major travel hub, Nanjing also offers up access to the rest of China through the country’s high-speed rail system.

While hardly a small city, it’s not as hectic and huge as Shanghai or Beijing.

How Far Will Your Salary Go?

Work as a primary school teacher in Nanjing and this is what you can expect to pay according to

  • Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district – 45 RMB
  • Combo meal in a fast food restaurant – 30 RMB
  • 1 bottle of good quality red wine – 100 RMB
  • Standard men’s haircut – 53 RMB
  • Basic dinner for 2 in the neighbourhood pub – 146 RMB
  • 2 tickets to the movies – 87 RMB
  • Cappuccino in the expat area of the city – 33 RMB
  • 1 pint of beer in the neighbourhood pub – 23 RMB
  • 1-month gym membership – 269 RMB

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