3 Proven Tips for Mastering the CELTA Course

Many people have dreams of becoming an EFL teacher. Just imagine an opportunity where you are afforded the ability to travel the world, meet new people, try delicious foods and become immersed in cultures the like of which you have only read about. However, while you may be eager enough to begin this adventure, you can’t just pack your bags, hop on an aeroplane, and take off. This is a serious undertaking, which requires very thorough training.

A full-time CELTA course lasts for four weeks, and once you are certified, you will be proud to know that you have taken part in the most well-known course supporting the English language. So, what should you do to be prepared, and ready to take on the world? Let’s take a look at proven tips to set you on your way! (By the way, there are part-time CELTA courses, too.)

Be Ready to Participate

This isn’t the type of course where you sit in a boring lecture hall, taking notes and watching the time on the clock tick by. The CELTA course is extremely interactive, prompting students to reach their full potentials. For part of the day, you will be learning how to be the best ESL teacher on the planet. For the other portion, you will be putting those newly acquired skills to use, teaching real ESL students. Also, keep in mind that your instructor could be looking at you as a possible teacher for the CELTA course somewhere down the road. So, look at each day in class as an opportunity to prove your worth and let your determination shine!

Be Open to Helpful Feedback

In this innovative environment, one of the best ways to learn is by being open to all forms of feedback and constructive criticism. It will be your job to take these golden nuggets of knowledge and apply them to every aspect of your teaching. Also, be sure to see “adaptability” as the real key to passing the CELTA course. Don’t be afraid to tweak your lessons or find new, inspiring ways to deliver them. Every teacher has his or her own individual style, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find your own.

Remember That You’re All in This Together

One of the main reasons that trainees may not be successful during the CELTA course is that they become too competitive. Sure, you will need that edge to study your hardest, excel at lesson planning and become a pro at sharing your knowledge with students. However, keep in mind that your fellow classmates are not the competition. Trainees that both accept and give support to others seem to have an easier time with the CELTA course.

After you make the decision to sign up for the CELTA course, be sure to commit fully to the program. This is a four-week course that will take up a lot of your time, but the rewards are immeasurable.

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