What the CELTA Can Do for You

What the CELTA Can Do for You

After you’ve decided to get qualified to teach English, you will soon realise you have a lot of options. One, of course, is the highly rated CELTA. But what exactly sets it apart from other courses and programs?

Many employers look for CELTA-trained hires.

CELTA leads to the best jobs. Good prospective employers are often very aware of the prestige of this particular certificate and will prefer seeing it on a resume versus any other TEFL certification. Some job postings and companies actually list the CELTA as a requirement in order to be considered. It will truly set you apart from other job hunters.

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You get what you pay for.

Yes, the CELTA is expensive. It runs in the thousands of dollars. If you take off work for a month, and/or move temporarily to take it in one of the offered locations, it’ll cost even more. This might put teachers and soon-to-be teachers off the idea of taking the course, and it’s easy to understand why. However, the CELTA should be thought of as an investment. It’s an investment in yourself as an educator and for your career.

The quality of the course is unmatched, and that is what you are really paying for. The instructors are experts in their field. The lectures, known as “input sessions” are extremely valuable, but perhaps the best aspect are is the practical component of the course. These practice teaching sessions allow for the candidates to take what they’ve learned from the input sessions and apply them in real classes with real learners. In-depth feedback is given afterwards.

The CELTA is no cookie-cutter course with some online reading, taking quizzes, and writing a few lesson plans. It is a comprehensive program that graduates can fall back on for the entirety of their teaching careers.

It’s great for newbies, seasoned teachers, and everyone in between.

Whether you’re just starting out, have a few years under your belt, or have been teaching for quite awhile now, the CELTA will challenge you and what you think you know about teaching English. There is a general methodology behind the CELTA, but the course does look at several methods. If they aren’t new for you, then the teaching practice and feedback will be of great benefit. Otherwise, the course will more than prepare you to be in the classroom for the first time.

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