Top TEFL locations if you don’t have a degree

With university education becoming more and more the norm, not having a degree can seem like a huge disadvantage in many job markets, ESL being no exception, with many countries requiring a Bachelor’s as a prerequisite for obtaining a working visa. However, all hope is certainly not lost; if you’re an EU citizen, you can work in any EU country without needing a visa. Listed below are some other potential destinations where you can pursue your dreams of teaching and travel!

1. Indonesia

You can get a working visa for Indonesia without holding a Bachelor’s Degree. Hiring is year-round, and you can expect to teach mostly young learners and business professionals.

2. Brazil

You can teach in Brazil on a tourist visa, with peak hiring being in February, March, July and August; expect to work mainly with business professionals.

3. Spain

You can teach in Spain on a tourist visa, or with no visa at all if you have EU citizenship; hiring peaks in September, October and January and you will mainly teach business-people.

4. Egypt

You can get a tourist visa upgraded to a working visa in Egypt, with peak hiring being in May and August, but openings being available all year round. Most of the students will be younger learners or business professionals.

5. Russia

You can get a working visa in Russia without needing to hold a Bachelor’s degree. Hiring takes place all year round, and you can expect to work mostly with business professionals.