Teach English in Taoyuan Taiwan

Teach English in Taoyuan (Taiwan)

This English teaching job will have you teaching for one of the biggest British-owned TEFL companies in Asia and in Taiwan.

  • The students are 3-12 years old.
  • 8-16 students per class.

The school provides the books, CDs, educational toys and other teaching resources needed to teach the curriculum. You are welcome to bring any music, games, and other teaching materials to adjust classes to suit your style. Each classroom has a projector and internet access, so you can easily demonstrate something to your kids.

Salary and Benefits

  • 600-700 TWD (19.75-23 USD) starting hourly rate.
  • National health insurance.
  • 14 days holiday and 11 unpaid vacation days.
  • Pay received for attending training.
  • 20 teaching hours per week guaranteed.
  • Career development opportunities in Taiwan.
  • Structured curriculum and courses.
  • Western academic management, orientation training and welfare support.
  • 15,000 TWD (500 USD) end of contract bonus.

Job Requirements to Teach English in Taoyuan

  • You’re a native English speaker.
  • An associate or bachelor degree.
  • A TEFL certificate or better. No TEFL yet? Get discount on a course.
  • A clear criminal background.
  • You are looking for a challenge and enjoy working with young learners!

About the School

The school is located close to the mountains, on the outskirts of Taoyuan City in northern Taiwan, and this particular school is one of the branch’s longest running schools in Taiwan. As such the school is well-established and able to provide unrivaled on-site support to teachers through their years of experience. The school manager has created a safe and encouraging atmosphere with trusting, friendly, and family-like staff and the campus has recently been upgraded to provide a contemporary, modern learning environment for its teachers and students.

More About Taoyuan

Taoyuan is the next major city after Taipei. Due to the short distance between the two cities, many Taiwanese live in Taoyuan and commute to work in Taipei. Still, many prefer to teach English in Taoyuan because you can expect the same convenience and quality of life as in Taipei, but at a fraction of the cost (especially when it comes to rent).

The downtown area is small enough to be covered on foot. Besides the usual city conveniences, you can visit the nearby Tigerhead mountain and hike to the top, where you will find a few snack shops. You’ll find there is enough to see and do in Taoyuan, so no need to set foot in Taipei! If you do decide to visit the capital city, it is only 30-40 minutes away.

Taoyuan is also home to Taiwan’s main international airport TPE.

About Saxoncourt

Saxoncourt will make sure all of your paperwork is complete before you leave for Taoyuan. We will make sure you have a valid visa and ensure a great working contract.

Whether it’s your first time teaching abroad, or you are ready to try a new country, you can find confidence in our experience of working with 1,000+ teachers. You can rest assured you will be prepared for your next adventure. Where will it bring you?

If you want to teach English in Taiwan but you need advice on which city to choose, send us a message.

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