Anthony O'Rourke English for Beginners

Former Saxoncourt Teacher Releases First English Textbook

Former Saxoncourt teacher Anthony O’Rourke has released his first English textbook, English for Beginners. The book uses a methodology inspired by a math teacher to teach English.

Focusing on students with a good grasp of the English language (roughly ages 14 and up), the book can be used as a reference tool and a study aid.

O’Rourke said he got the idea for the book “because students were always interested in when we use tenses and certain phrases in English. I always found that they used to make notes when I tried to elicit from them when we use the present simple, present continuous, have got, etc.”

O’Rourke recalls his best teacher, whose examination results were always the best. This math teacher always gave plenty of examples in his class, and encouraged students to take notes and practice a lot. O’Rourke firmly believes that this teaching method will improve students’ English as well. That’s why the structure of his book is based on this same teaching method, and therefore contains plenty of notes, examples, exercises and answers. In his experience, the method works for students from a beginner to advanced level.


O’Rourke is now considering writing a book called “English for Elementary Learners,” where he will “highlight twenty more tenses and phrases that the students can learn and use.  This would include things like the past simple, past continuous, linking words, etc.”

O’Rourke taught in Japan from 1999 to 2003, where his nickname was “the big teaching man”. His teaching journey through Saxoncourt saw him teaching in the Chiba District, Hyogo Prefecture and the Yokohama District. “I enjoyed my time in Japan and have fond memories of working with children and adults especially in the Chiba area,” said O’Rourke. He currently resides in the United Kingdom.

The 106-page book is available on Amazon here.

We at Saxoncourt wish O’Rourke all the best with his new book!