Business English – Chief Examiner and Course Developer (Taipei, Taiwan)

Salary to be negotiated – at least 800 TWD/hour.

Work permit provided.

Health insurance provided.

Roles and Responsibilities

The main function of the role is to oversee the development of customized training plans for our clients. Course design is an essential part of our customization process. We are looking for someone who can coordinate language and skills assessments with our clients, and design courses to align with their professional and language needs. Key deliverables are:

Manage our in-house language testing service

  • Conduct speaking and writing testing, online and at clients’ offices
  • Coordinate with colleagues and clients to schedule test sessions
  • Collate test results and grouping recommendations, and support account managers in communicating best practices
  • Train new examiners
  • Monitor test results and conduct ongoing examiner standardization training
  • Develop new test versions as needed

Custom design training programs for clients

  • Conduct needs analysis interviews with clients
  • Custom design targeted training programs, drawing from clients’ own real work, in-house materials and off-the-shelf materials
  • Liaise with account managers and clients on course design as needed
  • Develop detailed and comprehensive briefing notes for the training team
  • Conduct briefing sessions with training team and coordinate with the Head of Training and Development as needed


  • The ideal candidate will have a business background as well as a minimum of 4 years’ full-time business English training experience. The skills and experience required for the Course Coordinator position include:
  • The ability to quickly and precisely identify functional needs and skills gaps in trainees
  • Strong language assessment literacy and experience with language assessment frameworks
  • Strong interpersonal skills and sensitivity to trainee needs
  • The ability to discuss and prioritize specific areas of need in trainee interviews
  • Excellent organizational, communication and time management skills; the ability to work to changing assessment schedules week to week
  • The ability to create innovative training solutions, integrating clients’ real work into curriculum content
  • Preparation and delivery of accurate, detailed course briefs for the training team
  • Fluency with software applications such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
  • Communication with client coordinators, training and management staff on the effectiveness of course plans
  • The ability to provide input on the development of new course materials and training products
  • A positive, flexible and proactive approach to communication, both internally and with clients
  • Willingness to work online and face-to-face as the needs of the position require

Other Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or Associate degree in any discipline
  • English proficiency of CEFR C2 as demonstrated at interview
  • Minimum 4 years’ business English training experience with adults
  • Familiarity with the TOEIC testing system (desirable)
Business English Specialists – Chief Examiner and Course Developer 1
Business English Specialists – Chief Examiner and Course Developer 2

Why Taipei?

Taipei is the bustling, cosmopolitan capital of Taiwan. A financial hub for the entire region, Taipei is home to both home-grown brands and international companies. There is no shortage of opportunity here for an enterprising startup or established company from abroad.

Though expensive by local standards, Taipei boasts an excellent quality of life for a very reasonable price. Taiwanese cuisine ranges from street food to haute cuisine, but most is amazing regardless of the price tag. There is lots to see and do in Taipei; you could spend a lifetime exploring its busy thoroughfares and winding alleys and never discover it all. Locals are friendly and welcoming, and an active expat community adds international flair.

Like most big cities in Asia, Taipei has a multinational vibe with a wide variety of food, products, and services available to cater to your needs. The public transportation network is fast, clean, and punctual. There is a very active night scene that includes the usual suspects of bars, pubs, and clubs of all kinds, but it also includes night markets, all-night restaurants, KTV, and more.

But unlike many cities, you’ll never be far from nature and green spaces. With wide river parks snaking through the city and tree-coated mountains sprinkled through the dense urban mass, there’s always a run or a hike within a few kilometres. Some trails – like the Xiangshan Trail – can be either a short jaunt before a nice meal or a full-day affair. And while not on the coast, a day trip to the beach is not out of reach.

Taipei is one of the gems of eastern Asia. Truly, there’s something for everyone in this remarkable modern city.

Living in Taipei

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