7 Tips to Manage CELTA and Other Commitments

7 Tips to Manage CELTA and Other Commitments

Some short online research into CELTA is likely to make you think you will need to wave goodbye to your friends and have no life outside CELTA for the duration of the course. Truth be told, CELTA is an intense course and whether you do the part-time or full-time variant, it will require a lot of your time. However, with only 3% of trainees failing the course, it is definitely possible to manage CELTA and other commitments. Here are seven tips to help you to achieve this.

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1. Keep a Diary or a Calendar

Be it an electronic app on your mobile or a good, old paper variant, whichever works for you. A diary will help you to manage CELTA and stay on track with what needs doing. Familiarise yourself with the course schedule and plan accordingly. If you have a busy period coming up at work or in your personal life, plan to get ahead in your CELTA work.

2. Schedule Some Time for Leisure

Allow yourself some CELTA-free time and plan to do something fun or relaxing. This will help you to stay fresh and prevent a burnout.

3. Look After Yourself

It might seem obvious, but make sure you don’t skip meals and don’t be tempted to pull all nighters when you have a lot of CELTA work. Staying well rested, fit and healthy will help you to manage CELTA as you will have the energy for all your tasks. It will also improve your performance in the classroom.

4. Involve Your Family and Friends in Your CELTA Experience

Chances are they will be interested in what is taking up a lot of your time and root for you. That, in turn, can help to keep you motivated. Plus, if you keep them involved they will be more inclined to help and support you through this busy period.

5. Keep Your Notes Well Organised

This will help with managing CELTA in the long run as you will be able to find relevant notes with ease. It will not only save you time but also frustration, as you will not need to frantically look for that feedback form from your practical lesson back in week 2.

6. Remember why You’re Doing It

In moments of doubt, when you’re tired and fed-up, remembering why you chose to do CELTA in the first place can really help you to find the motivation to keep going.

7. Ask for Help When You Need It

If you find you are struggling to manage the CELTA course, do not hesitate to ask your tutors for advice and guidance. They are experienced teachers, a wonderful source of information and they want you to succeed at your CELTA.

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Tell us how you balance CELTA and other commitments. Use the comment section below to share your tips and advice.

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Aleks Kaye loves cooking, skiing and learning. She completed a part-time CELTA course while working full-time at a university in the UK. She is currently travelling across Canada with her husband David and blogging about it at daleksabroad.travel.blog

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