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5 Reasons to Leave for Taiwan… Right Away

1. Economical Living in Taiwan

Living in Taiwan can be far less costly than making your way in other countries, which is why countless people choose to move to Taiwan each year to save money, whether to pay off loans or to live a more extravagant lifestyle with far less overhead. Nearly everything is cheaper in Taiwan, including food, housing, leisure activities, and general transportation.

Teach English in Taiwan

2. Delicious Food in Taiwan

Taiwan offers tasty food made with fresh ingredients, often seeking inspiration from favorite Chinese and Japanese dishes. Restaurants, cafes, and food booths abound, but none are as magnificent as the famed night markets, offering seafood, noodles, and other local delicacies at budget-friendly prices. These markets may be small with a dozen or so vendors, or they can easily fill a warehouse or sprawl across a neighbourhood with over a hundred stalls boasting aromatic offerings.

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Teach English in Taiwan

3. Contrasted Culture in Taiwan

The culture in Taiwan is diverse, mixed with Confucianist Han Chinese, aboriginal roots, and the seeds of modern living. Tradition is illustrated by the use of feng shui, and new fads bring in the love of karaoke and internet cafes, which are bountifully spread throughout most cities. Anime and manga are extremely popular, with small shops that sell and even rent these comics to readers of all ages.

Live in Taiwan and you can see all these amazing sights, and more.

Teach English in Taiwan

4. Beautiful Beaches in Taiwan

The island of Taiwan offers a myriad of truly gorgeous beaches, each with its own amenities and unique characteristics. Some beaches have soft, golden sand, while others inspire photographic opportunities with striking black coastlines and glittering coral. The beaches in Kenting are the most popular, famed for their coral reefs, perfect for diving and snorkeling, along with a host of other water-based activities.

Teach English in Taiwan

5. Taiwanese People

The people of Taiwan are a resounding reason to pack your suitcase and go. The Taiwanese are patient and kind, often illustrating their pleasant demeanor through random acts of kindness to complete strangers. They are quick to give directions, help with translations and even to give recommendations for the best restaurant or the most fashionable shopping center. They also seem to embrace diversity, making foreign visitors feel safe, secure, and welcomed.

Teach English in Taiwan

And there’s more…

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