5 Reasons to Go to China... Right Now

5 Reasons to Go to China Right Now

1. Teach in China for the Cost of Living

Living in China can be quite economical, especially with the exchange rate of one British Pound to 8.9 Chinese Yuan (at the time of writing, at least). If you stick to Chinese foods and products that you purchase at stalls or in shopping markets, you can save up quite a bit of money. Plus, it’s always better to shop for fresh produce and meats, which are very reasonable in China.


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2. Teach in China for Chinese Food

Chinese food is popular in most countries and in almost all cultures, but there is nothing quite like the superbly created dishes right in China. The aromas that waft from open doors and down alleyways are an enticement all of their own, but there is nothing quite like these tasty morsels, served up at almost ridiculously cheap prices from a street vendor on the corner, or at a bustling sidewalk café. And don’t worry if your chopstick skills are limited. They are always optional.


Teach English in China

3. Teach in China for Chinese Culture

Culture is everywhere in China, as it is among the oldest nations on Earth. More than likely, it is an extremely different way of life than what you have typically experienced elsewhere. The opportunities to embrace its diversity abound. There is nothing quite like a visit to the theatre in China, and the local park may play host to such activities as tai chi or ballroom dancing.


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4. Teach in China for the Kindness of Chinese People

The Chinese people are beyond gracious, and they seem to take a special interest in foreign travelers. They are quick to give directions, offer assistance selecting ripe fruit at the market, and to provide sturdy advice when queried for their opinions. Some countries can make visitors feel like outsiders, but not in China. In fact, you may feel at home much faster than you ever anticipated.


Teach English in China

5. Teach in China for its Accessibility

China boasts a slew of fascinating cities, whether you are enticed by the sleek offerings of Hong Kong and Shanghai, or you seek the peace and quiet of retreats like Zhangjiajie or the Tibetan culture of Lhasa. China is also an excellent home base for visits to neighboring countries like Korea, Japan, and Thailand with their inspiring cities of Seoul, Tokyo, and Bangkok.


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