5 Amazing hings to Do in Taiwan

5 Amazing Things to Do in Taiwan

Taiwan is a unique cultural experience. Even those activities that you might experience elsewhere in the world get the one-of-a-kind Taiwanese take on them. Here are five things that you really should do in Taiwan if you ever get the chance.

Things to Do in Taiwan: night markets

Shop at a Night Market

Feel like doing a little bit of shopping or grabbing a meal in the middle of the night? You can definitely do that in Taiwan, and all in the same place! Night markets are HUGE throughout Asia, but Taiwan seems to really excel in this department, with over 300 different open-air markets. Have an inexpensive, traditional meal from a local food vendor, or grab some groceries for tomorrow’s breakfast. Due to the crowds, it can also be a social affair, attracting both young and old patrons alike. There’s nothing quite like it.

Things to Do in Taiwan: karaoke

Karaoke the Night Away

Karaoke in Taiwan is not at all like what you may find in other countries, where a few singing hopefuls may test their chops in the backroom of a small bar. In Taiwan, this is a grand event, where this singing adventure is held in what typically resembles a swanky hotel, with a formal check-in for those wishing to perform. Some karaoke clubs even provide costumes and accessories to really spice up the fun, often creating quite the spectacle.

Things to Do in Taiwan: Taroko Gorge

Explore Taroko Gorge

Located within one of the nine fascinating natural parks in Taiwan, Taroko Gorge offers hiking trails and winding paths that are cut into the rocks. The suspension bridge over the sparkling Liwu River just begs to be crossed, with glistening views of large marble boulders below. The Eternal Springs Shrine is also nearby, with a cave that is dedicated to the goddess, Guanyin.

Things to Do in Taiwan: Cat Village

Frolic with Over 100 Cats

In an ancient mining town, the Houtong Cat Village plays home to well over 100 friendly cats, who roam the streets, approaching visitors for any sign of affection. On weekends, these lovable felines draw quite a crowd, as does the delicious local cuisine.

Things to Do in Taiwan: beaches

Relax on Tranquil Beaches

Taiwan has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Asia, offering a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. These beaches can range from soft white, black and gold sand to coral rocks and small pebbles, reaching into warm, clear waters. A myriad of water activities is offered, including diving, sailing, fishing, snorkelling, surfing, sailing and kayaking.

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