5 Amazing Things to Do in Japan

5 Amazing Things to Do in Japan

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1. Climb Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is not only Japan’s highest peak, but it is also an active volcano. When climbing, many suggest that you begin in the late evening, so that you can reach the top before sunrise. During the summer season, there are stalls set up that sell noodles along the way up. There are also plenty of places to stop to rest your legs and take in the splendour.

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2. Marvel at the Tallest Bamboo in the World

The Bamboo Forest is considered by many to be one of the most peaceful places on earth, offering absolutely gorgeous vistas and scenic beauty that is beyond compare. These tall, swaying stalks of bamboo are a sight to behold, with the gentle rustle of leaves providing a lovely background music for this tranquil destination.

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3. Have Coffee with a Cat or an Owl on Your Shoulder

When you feel like a piping hot cup of coffee or a pot of tea, and you miss your pet back home, there’s a place for that. In Japan, you can indulge in a tasty pastry with a kitten curled up in your lap (or an owl on your shoulder). These interesting cafes are popping up all over Japan to provide those with a love for animals – but without one at home – a chance to get their fix.

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4. See a Geisha Performance

Known for their traditional dances and lavish costumes, watching a Geisha performance is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. These demonstrations can range from simple performances in local coffee houses to breathtaking shows at large venues, set to mesmerising music, with intricate backdrops and colourful sceneries. Some of these shows are even held in outdoor centers and residential parks during the warmer months.

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5. Ride a Bullet Train

Japanese transportation is inexpensive and fast… so fast, in fact, that special high-speed trains reach speeds of 320 kilometres an hour. These trains make it simple to reach some of Japan’s most popular cities, like Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama. Rail passes are even available so that passengers can easily hop off and on at stops along the route, offering the adventure of a fun day of rail-hopping.

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